NHSX Publish DPIA and Code

NHSX Publish DPIA and Code

At the end of last week NHSX published their Data Protection Impact Assessment [DPIA] for the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Pilot in the Isle of White.

They have also published the code to GitHub.

Whilst this of course these will be scrutinised by many professionals, more organisations should do the same in order to build trust through transparency.

CEO of Bruce & Butler - Matt Bruce - said: “Without digging into privacy / security concerns around the model adopted, I do think this move by NHSX to be transparent and publish the initial DPIA and Code for the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Pilot in the Isle of White is something all organisations deploying tech should look to do. I think it’s now time to build trust through transparency!”


Links to both are below: 

  1. DPIA - https://faq.covid19.nhs.uk/DPIA COVID-19 App PILOT LIVE RELEASE Isle of Wight Version 1.0.pdf
  2. NHSX main code site: https://github.com/nhsx/ iOS https://github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-iOS-BETA   Android https://github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-Android-BETA  
  3. Documentation https://github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-Documentation-BETA